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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality education program where young children receive opportunities and encouragement to thrive, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually as they explore and discover the world around them. We believe in creating a community of learners where all members are valued and appreciated.

Our Philosophy

Based on developmentally appropriate activities, we offer a broad curriculum, focusing on the whole child. We design a balance of adult and child-guided experiences where children are engaged in hands-on, interactive exploration and discovery. Children are provided with a rich variety of materials embedded in blocks of time with which to explore.


We believe in an empathetic, positive nurturing of children through establishing close relationships among children, staff and families and recognize the importance of maintaining a close relationship between families and school. There are numerous opportunities to become involved in your children’s educational experience: room parent, working in the classroom or on the play yard, maintenance, special projects, etc. There are special days throughout the year where parents are invited to join their children at school. In addition, parent education seminars will be scheduled throughout the school year.


We rely on frequent communication to keep our families informed. The teachers and director are available to meet with parents by appointment throughout the year. There are informal conferences in the fall and a more formal, written conference in the spring.

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Kathy Sultan - Director.jpg

Kathy Sultan


Shawna Kenan - Teacher.jpg

Shawna Kenan

Bunny Teacher 

Mary Thierjung - Teacher.jpg

Mary Thierjung

Koala Teacher

Kelly Lin - Teacher.jpg

Kelly Lin

Dolphin Teacher

Judy Genco - Teacher.jpg

Judy Genco

Bonus Teacher

Tori Leamy.jpg

Tori Leamy

Administrative Assistant

Sheri Steinman - Teacher.jpg

Sheri Steinman

Teddy Teacher 

Jacqueline Welsh - Teacher.jpg

Jacqueline Welsh

Koala Teacher

Tonya Bond - Teacher.jpg

Tonya Bond

Butterfly Teacher

Kirstin Logsdon - Teacher.jpg

Kirstin Logsdon

Bunny Teacher


Maren Payne

Teddy Teacher

Meg Cain - Teacher.jpg

Meg Cain

Dolphin Teacher

Cris Cox - Teacher.jpg

Cris Cox

Bonus Teacher

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