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Covenant’s developmental play-based curriculum is designed to offer children large blocks of uninterrupted time. Children are encouraged to initiate self-directed activities with support of their teachers. All children have approximately one hour of outside free-choice time and one hour of inside free-choice time. Directed teacher time, which may include calendar, weather, music, and movement activities, as well as snack and bathroom times, is included.


Preparation for kindergarten is evident within individual, small and large group experiences and discussions. Experiences that build the foundation for literacy and mathematical thinking and for peaceful conflict resolution are cultivated through art materials, music and movement, sand and water exploration, dramatic play, storytelling, block play, science, cooking and outdoor physical activity. Each classroom has a block area, writing area, book area, and dramatic play (housekeeping area). The bathrooms are equipped with child-size toilets and sink.


The outdoor classroom is designed to engage young children in a natural setting. Each class has a separate outside time on our large play yard. The youngest classes have direct access to a small play yard where they have additional playtime and outdoor art activities. Large yard activities include tricycles, a children’s garden, sand box, mud area, large play structure, playhouse and sensory activity areas.

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